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Kerry SiskProfile: Kerry Sisk

Shopping savvy pays off in the workplace

Kerry Sisk is a professional shopper. But in his job he’s never shopped for himself—he goes shopping for all of Canada. And with millions of Canadians ultimately footing the bill, Kerry stresses the importance of buying wisely.

From pencils and paper to office buildings and jet fighters

Once a front-line buyer, or procurement officer, with Public Works and Government Services Canada, Kerry now passes on the knowledge and experience he’s gained to the next generation of government buyers. Kerry notes, “We buy everything from pencils and paper, to office buildings and jet fighters, from police cars to consulting services, and anything else you can think of.”

That’s why his job gives him so much satisfaction, he points out: “By training federal procurement officers on the proper processes, regulations and rules of procurement, I help ensure that Canadians get the best value for their tax dollars.”

“Government procurement is a rules-based process that must comply with dozens of acts and regulations,” he adds. “My job as a procurement trainer is to teach other procurement officers the rules and regulations that govern procurement, as well as the overall procurement process.”

PWGSC is the largest
purchaser in Canada”

Shopping to help protect Canadians

The job carries other hefty responsibilities. When Kerry was a buyer, his area had to make purchases to help protect Canada from external threats. For example, after 9/11 he bought specialized scientific equipment to protect Canadians against potential terrorist acts, including nuclear, chemical or biological attacks. “This procurement was fascinating, if not a little unnerving,” he recalls.

Kerry’s department buys a lot; more than anyone else in Canada, in fact. “Public Works and Government Services Canada is the largest purchaser in Canada,” says Kerry. “We spend billions of dollars a year on goods, services and construction for more than 135 different departments and agencies.”

A proud public servant and proud Canadian

Kerry holds an important position in the Public Service, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. “It’s the Public Service where I fit in best,” he says. “I enjoy helping people (particularly in my role as a trainer), and I’m a proud Canadian.”

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