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Suzanne TylkoSuzanne Tylko says: "I have a really good sense of how the human body works, and I have a good sense of how forces and acceleration affect the body. This combination of knowledge helps me do a great job."

Dr. Alex BielakDr. Alex Bielak says: “We want to make sure that the results of scientific research are communicated effectively.”

David BoudreauReid MulliganDavid Boudreau and Reid Mulligan say: “CIPO is often the next step in the chain of creativity that’s building Canada’s knowledge economy.”

Dr. Steve MacLeanDr. Steve MacLean says: “I helped build coalitions between Canada’s space community and those of other countries."

Lisa BrommellLisa Brommell says: “NEXUS makes so much sense for every kind of traveller. This program holds so many benefits for Canadians; I’m excited to see where future technology will lead it.”

Jean BrodeurJean Brodeur says: “In the future, we can foresee that people will be able to make an inquiry using their own words, and systems will be able to understand the query.”

Semra GulderSemra Gulder says: “Perhaps the real breakthrough was in getting different organizations to agree to use standardized communication when working together.”

Gregory LengGregory Leng says: “There is no tool worldwide that does such a comprehensive analysis.”

Johanne LabelleJohanne Labelle says: “Hopefully, my efforts have sparked something much bigger.”

Werner KurzWerner Kurz says: “My continuing motivation for this work stems from understanding that global climate change poses the single largest threat to humanity and sustainability of life on earth.”

Ted PariseeTed Parisee says: “My workload changes on a regular basis. This makes the job much more interesting and gives me a feeling of satisfaction each time I complete a task.”

Ron St-Onge Ron St-Onge says: “The whole building is based on sustainability and improving the workplace, which in turn increases productivity.”

Dr. Ian SmithDr. Ian Smith says: “I recognized that technological advances could best be realized through collaboration with others.”

Shawn RobinsonShawn Robinson says: “I enjoy the people I work with and I benefit daily from their brilliance and enthusiasm, whether they are senior scientists or graduate students.”

Bob TruongBob Truong and his team have been developing new ways to keep those using nuclear technology honest.

Jay WortmanDr. Jay Wortman says: “This type of diet has been studied in different settings, but this is the first one in an Aboriginal population.”