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A message from the Deputy Ministers of Industry Canada

Paul Boothe Richard Dicerni

Innovation can take many different forms, but always has one constant: whether in science or technology, research or development, a new business or economic model, innovation always starts with a creative person.

Throughout the Public Service, thousands of creative people are using their skills and talents to help improve the lives of Canadians. In this issue of it’s MY day, you will learn about some of them.

The Government of Canada fosters innovation because it is central to improving Canadians’ standard of living. In today’s world, new discoveries and breakthroughs are what propel us forward. That is why we need to encourage innovation in young people, generate new knowledge and translate good ideas into tangible benefits.

Thanks to public sector innovation, we are now overcoming challenges that once seemed insurmountable. Both our educational and health care systems, as well as our inclusive social policies, have led to enormous gains in prosperity and well being.

Through the Government’s Science and Technology Strategy, introduced by the Prime Minister in May 2007, Industry Canada strives to keep Canada’s economy healthy and competitive around the world. Innovation plays a key role in making that happen, especially during tough economic times—so much so that a vital part of Canada’s Innovation Strategy is the commercialization of Canadians’ scientific discoveries.

Innovation will help us provide solutions to many of the issues important to Canadians, giving us the knowledge and means to protect our environment, improve our health, enhance public safety and sustainably manage our natural resources.

In the global knowledge economy, our success will depend on our ability to nurture existing and new researchers, generate new knowledge and translate that knowledge into social, health and economic benefits.

That is what Public Service renewal is all about. It’s about finding the right people to do work that matters—and this issue of it’s MY day profiles just such people throughout the Public Service. In this issue, you will read stories that demonstrate the importance of creativity in the innovation process. These creative and talented people have helped make the Public Service the dynamic organization it is today.

Richard Dicerni     Paul Boothe
Richard Dicerni      Paul Boothe
Deputy Minister     Senior Associate Deputy Minister